10 Types of People that Deserve a Special Place in Hell


1. The people that walk slowly in front of you in the train station causing you to miss your train that is currently pulling into the station and thus making you late to work. Move out of my way, dickbags.

2. Capable people that take the elevator down from the second floor.

3. People that get on the train and stand in front of the doors like they’re the only people in the entire god damn world.

4. Roommates that eat your food.

5. Bodegas that don’t carry Dr Pepper…seriously, wtf is wrong with you?

6. People that bring their iPads to concerts, graduations, Disney World, museums, etc.

7. The MTA in general.

8. Parents that don’t tame their children (there is an even deeper pit for those that let kids run wild in restaurants.)

9. Bartenders that pour you a two count drink and charge $8.

10. People that don’t use their blinkers.


xx meow