Meet Bill Skarsgård – Star of the new Netflix original series Hemlock Grove.

Netflix premiered its second original series Hemlock Grove on April 19h, 2013. At this point in time, I cannot speak for the entire series as I have only watched the first two episodes. But I am already counting the hours until my work day ends so I can run home, commandeer the television and watch maybe the rest of the season. So I am sure I will be recommending it to anyone that will listen to me within the next week. And I have high hopes because House of Cards was so. damn. good.


This, my friends, is Bill Skarsgård

Yes, little brother of this Norse God:

That giant stack of man meat has a little brother, who knew? (okay, I think we all knew but who cared until now? Eric Northman was enough for our ovaries to handle.)

Bill Skarsgård, the 22-year-old (4th oldest of the family) may catch his big break (PLZ PLZ PLZ) with this show depending on how well it is received by the public. Critics are rating it as above average to average with them all agreeing on one thing: Skarsgård’s stellar performance.

While his resume is small and there is little known about him he landed a modeling gig with H&M:

(helllllllllo nurse!)

He’s 6’4″


He doesn’t want to make movies like Twilight (smart guy):

“I do not want to be mega celebrity and make movies like twilight”

Describing his American accent, “It’s pretty bad. I have this kind of bullshit accent that I’ve made up,” he said, sounding vaguely European. “Swedish is a sexy language, but the Swedish accent is the most unsexy thing in the world.” (I didn’t think it was that bad btw but I could probably watch him pick his nose and find it sexy)

He was in a movie with his big bro

He looks sexy-confused drinking beer:

He drinks on the red carpet like a boss:

He wants to share his alcohol with you:

Hello arms, I would appreciate if you threw me on the bed sometime soon. Thanks.

Did I mention yet that he was a giant?

And he really has that sultry pout thing down because this might be the only picture of him smiling on the internet:

Bonus brothers looking dapper as all hell:

Shirtless Bill thanks you for your time:

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