My Girl Crushes

Kristen Stewart.


Pre-cheating scandal, pre-Twilight and pre-highest paid actress, KStew was just caught on her stoop smoking a bowl giving no fucks. That is when I fell in love. Technically I should hate her because Twilight is literally the worst thing I have ever heard of but her no shit attitude sold me. Her androgyny is just so hot. I love that she wears skinny jeans and sneakers and hates heels. But I love when she wears dresses because you never get to see her in them and it makes it more special. She’s kind of an asshole and it can go either way but I know I would have a lot of fun hanging out with her. Oh and she played Joan Jett and nailed it.

also, can we talk about her legs?


Amber Heard.


I’ve literally never seen anything this woman has been it but damn is she flawless. I never cared for her at all, never paid attention to her, nothing. Then I had a random sex dream and I was converted. She is perfection. And she dips into both teams. I’m here for ya, Amber.

Rachel Weisz.


I’ve pretty much loved her since 1999 when The Mummy came out. It became one of my favorite movies and it still is to this day. She is a goddess. Like, I can’t even handle her perfection. AND she bagged Daniel Craig. They are such a beautiful couple I weep at the sight of them.

Mila Kunis.


She was annoying as fuck as Jackie on That 70’s Show but you still kind of liked her? I did. I’m not quite sure when I decided I loved her. She seems like such fun. This comes to mind:


Also, someone once told me I looked like her. I almost cried.

Megan Fox.


Before she fucked with her face she was perfect and I think everyone can agree with me. Blue eyes + dark hair = me dead.

Olivia Wilde.


I had an obsession with House for a long time. I was addicted and watched it all the time. Half the time I was so distracted by the beauty of Thirteen (and also the hot Aussie doctor) that I would rarely have any idea what was happening in the episode. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t lupus.

Scarlett Johanssen.


I remember one photo in specific that turned me on to her. “She has a great rack,” I thought. Then I saw her face and was in awe. That pout! So innocent when so undeniably sexy. It is so unfair.

Maja Ivarsson.


Maja seems like the black sheep on the list but she is so fierce I can hardly be in the same room as her. If you have never listened to The Sounds (you should) they’re a Swedish rock/electronic band. Maja has some of the best stage presence I have seen. It is such a breath of fresh air to see a woman in rock more like her and less like Hayley Williams.


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