Things I loved in Highschool

Things I loved in High School


Instant Star – We all know Degrassi was the original Canadian drama that wormed its way into our lives for over a decade yet when Instant Star started it was all over for me.  It was about a girl, Jude with awesome red hair that wins an American Idol style contest in high school.  The drama following her win was everything a 14 year old wanted.  School bullies, a jealous older sister…and Tommy Q, Jude’s sexy older producer.  I would be lying is I said I didn’t STILL listen to the Instant Star soundtracks.  The songs were written for the 16-year-old heartbreak, which I don’t care what anyone says, remains relevant until you are married and never breaking up. It was the best angst on television. Also, I’ll just say it again. Tommy Q.


Good Charlotte – It literally pains me to put this down but I actually owe GC so much. Good Charlotte brought me out of the shitty pop music stage that middle school left me in and brought me back to music of a very different genre. I’m not going to get into the semantics on pop-punk vs. punk vs. pop. vs. whatever else you may call it. I am just going to say that Good Charlotte opened an entirely new world of music for me and for that I will thank them. I now like bands that play their own instruments. Also, let’s not lie to ourselves and try to deny the catchiness of their music.


The Mall – I guess Mall Rats was made for a reason because if it isn’t accurate, I don’t know what is.  I’m pretty sure I went to the mall nearly every day after school. Mostly, it was to eat three pounds of Panda Express because I refused to eat school lunches. The other reasons would be to a.) Lurk hot boys that didn’t go to my school and b.) Dick off in Spencer’s and waste my money on the actual stupidest shit I could find.


Trying to meet the band – Post Good Charlotte when the category of pop-punk took off like a rocket, it was nearly impossible to find someone that wasn’t sucked into the madness of it all. The amount of money I (…my parents) spent on my concert tickets in high school could probably rival my college tuition. Like many of my other fellow dedicated fans I would arrive hours early and stay for hours after the show in hopes to just get a picture with one of my favorite musicians. Honestly, I had about a 70/30 success rate. It was glorious but now I am horrified that my senior page in the yearbook is literally all pictures of me and Fall Out Boy.


Warped Tour – Warped Tour kind of goes hand in hand with the above but it was absolutely one of my favorite days of the year. I mean, it wasn’t all that expensive AND there were guaranteed to be at least 10 bands you would want to see AND 90% of them did meet and greets AND there were always hot alternative boys to stare at.  Heaven on Earth tbh.


Sleeping in my car – I never have been and never will be a morning person. I know this for a fact. Yet I had the option of starting high school classes at 7:40 am, 8:35 am or 9:30 am. When I started at 7:40, I could take my lunch last period and be out of there by 1:00. It was perfect. I could spend the least amount of time in school as possible. Then senior year rolled around. I got lazier, cared less and because more rebellious.  I would take my time getting to school and if I got there more than 10 minutes late, I would skip my first period (it was pre-calc anyway, who cares?) and take a nap. I probably spent at least one day a week passed out in my car. It was to the point when my class was filming the senior video and I was nowhere to be found, so where did they check? My car. Where was I? Asleep with a box of donuts on my chest.

xx meow


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